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How Do I Handle A Commercial Roof Claim?

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It’s not unusual to feel unprepared when a storm causes unexpected damage to your commercial roof. What is the first step? Will my insurance company cover this? Who do I call?

Every situation is different, but your first step when you notice roof damage or leakage is to call us to assess the damage. Depending on the severity, we may send an emergency service crew out right away. If the damage doesn’t require emergency services, we will schedule an initial assessment.

From here, we’ll have you connect us with your insurance agency. We work with them throughout the entire roof claim process, keeping you, our customer, as our number one priority.

It’s easy to spot leaks within your building walls and other obvious physical damage, but what about storm damage that isn’t as visible to an untrained eye?

During our routine inspections, we’re always looking for hail damage, among other small repairs that can be made to help prolong and protect your commercial roof. Hail damage creates a distinct indention within the membrane of your roof that we’re often able to point out and retroactively file a roof claim with your insurance to cover.

The cause of the damage can be proven by peeling back the indented pocket in the membrane of your commercial roof and inspecting the layer underneath.

This is just another reason why we recommend having your commercial roof assessed twice a year as a part of maintaining a healthy roof and minimizing large unexpected repair expenses.

Add WM Commercial Roofing To Your Contacts, And Feel Prepared The Next Time You Have A Question About Your Commercial Roof.

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