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Umbrella Care Maintenance

What is Umbrella Care?

We believe in protecting your premium assets. For many businesses that includes your roof. When you enroll in our Umbrella Care Program we will:

  • Inspect your low slope roof system(s) twice a year, each Spring and late Fall. 
  • We will remove any debris that has collected on the roof system(s) including roof drain baskets and any apron gutter systems.
  • Survey roof system(s) for failure(s) or deficiencies due to faulty materials or workmanship.
  • Inspect for physical damage or potential problem areas associated with roof top equipment or other adjacent building parts not covered under the roof system warranty if applicable (minor repairs requiring no more than gun grade polyurethane sealant and/or asphalt roof cement will be provided at the time of roof survey at no additional charge). 
  • Provide a written report of our findings detailing repairs that may have been performed and a proposal for any major repair work that may be recommended. 

We hope to assist in maintaining your roof system(s) to extend and maximize their Life Cycle.

We Focus On Long-Term Wins


Small problems, if left untreated, become expensive repairs. With our roof maintenance program, most big roof problems will be caught early on and repaired before they become big, expensive problems.


If disaster strikes and you need immediate help, you'll move to the front of the line. We will be onsite to resolve any major issues within three business days of your call.

Receive A
Detailed Report
With Photos

After each roof inspection, you will receive our 21 point roof inspection report, complete with photos, detailing the health of your roof as well as all the preventative maintenance that we completed.


During each roofing inspection, we will perform regular roof maintenance using our 21 point inspections list. For bigger issues, separate work quotes will be issued.

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