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Umbrella Care Maintenance

We believe in protecting
your premium assets

When you become a member of the WM Commercial Umbrella Care Roof Maintenance Program, you can count on bi-annual inspections of your low-slope systems during the Spring and late Fall seasons. Keeping your roof in excellent condition not only boosts energy efficiency and safeguards against water leaks, but also fosters a secure environment. Additionally, it contributes to prolonging the lifespan of your roof, ultimately leading to significant long-term cost savings.

For a more comprehensive overview of Umbrella Care, click here.

WM Commercial Roofing contractor, Joe, removing debris from a commercial flat roof in Ohio.

our 21-point inspection

Gutters and Collector Heads
Scupper Boxes
Roof Drains
Pitch Pans
Curbs and Flashing
RTU Curbs and Service Area
Expansion Joints
Seams and Membranes
Low Spots or Ponding Area
Condition of Membrane
Roof Obstructions
Coping Metal
Base Flashings
Pipe Jacks
Grease Vents
Pipe or PVC Supports
Positive Drainage
Skylights and Flashing Kits
Thermal Blistering to Membrane
Membrane Delamination/Shrinkage
WM Commercial Roofing Contractor Inspecting a Commercial Roof in Ohio for damage.

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