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Green YMCA

We pressure washed the entire existing roof to remove as much carbon black as possible. We installed new Carlisle Fleece back TPO and set it in low rise flexible fast adhesive. We did a total of 9 sections on the YMCA.

Allied Machine and Engineering

After ensuring that the existing roof system was dry, we mechanically fastened another layer of insulation and mechanically fastened the PVC to give the customer a 25-year roof. During the time we were installing the new roof system we also removed a total of 38 penetrations and curbs. At the end of the project, we installed new 7” flange back, gutters, and downspouts.

Mauser Packaging

The original roof was a standing seam metal roof. Some of the crimped seams were starting to open and allowed the water to enter the building. This can be caused from the age of the roof and the movement of the building. We ordered custom extruded EPS to fill the void up to the top of the rib. Installed 1 layer of 2 ¼” insulation, covered by a 60 mil TPO. All bump ups have tapered panel on top of insulation to divert any water from sitting on the roof. We installed 7” flange back gutters.

Substance Church

The membrane was a PVC that had a large area of hail damaged causing leaks into the Chapel. We replaced all the damaged PVC and insulation with a complete Carlisle TPO mechanically fastened system. Replaced the gutters and the downspouts with a 7” Flange back system to complement the 20-year labor and material warranty.